Smart Waiter Robot


The deployment waiter robot does not affect the restaurants usual opening hours, it only requires as short as 2 hours to create maps and prepare itself for first the delivery. Functions like auto-charge, remote fault recovery and software upgrade saves a lot of effort for restaurant owners.


The multi-sensor fusion positioning and navigation technology based on LiDAR, visual sensor, UWB, IMU, encoder, infrared and ultrasonic sensors, etc., empowers Waiter Robot to locomote in the restaurant precisely. Waiter Robot autonomous locomotion ability includes cm-level positioning, accurate map creating, agile obstacle avoiding and optimized path planning.


The trays are placed on the inclined frame. This design guarantees that the gravity center of the robot will always be on top of the chassis so that it won’ t tumble forward or backward when passing through bumps.
Anti-slip mats on the trays create large friction, which prevents dishes sliding and food splashing. The indipendent suspension chassis eases the bumps on the path to the greatest.


  • Multi-tray Delivery
  • Multi-bot Collaboration
  • Multi-task in one Robot

Smart Waiter Robot

SKU: CR2020005