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Product specifications:


Camera Pixels: Two mega pixels

Type: Binocular wide dynamic camera

Measurement distance: 50-150cm

White balance: Automatic

Screen Size 8.0 inch: IPS LCD screen

Resolution: 800×1280

Processor CPU: RK3288 Quad core, RAM 2GB, main frequency is up to 1.8GHz

Local memory: EMMC 8GB

Accessories Fill light: LED and infrared double fill lights

Embedded 2nd Gen ID card reader: Support type-a /B M1 card reading, support the second generation, three generations of id card reading, support to read A card B card UID

IC card reading module: Support the MifareS50, MifareS70, FM11RF08 series of CARDS to obtain the physical card number in accordance with the ISO/IEC14443A agreement

Ports Network Module: Support Ethernet, wireless (WIFI)

Audio: Support for 2.5w /4R speakers

USB Ports: USB OTG*1, USBHOST*1 standard port A

Serial Communication Interface: RS232 com port*1

Relay output: Door opening signal output*1

Wiggins interface: Wigan 26/34 output*1, Wigan 26/34 input*1

Upgrade: Support u-boot upgrade

Wired network interface: RJ45 Ethernet seat*1

Function Face Detection: Support for detection and tracking of multiple people at the same time

Face database capacity: Maximum 20000

1: N Face recognition: Support

1: 1 Face Comparison: Support

Stranger Detection: Support

Recognition distance Settings: Support

UI Interface settings: Support

Remote upgrade: Support

Ports of device: Interfaces include device management, people/photo management, record query & etc

Usage: Support public cloud deployment, private deployment, LAN use, used stand-alone

General Parameter Protection grade: IP65, Certain outdoor dust-proof & waterproof functions

Power supply: DC12V (±10%)

Operating temperature: -10℃~60℃ Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃

Power consumption: 13.5W (Max)

Installation method: Gate access door bracket installation

Dimensions: 260.18*132.88*61.7 (mm) Weight: 1.5kg



8-inch AI Face Recognition Thermal Scanner

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